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Fanfic Journal Up!
 Hey guys! If you are watching, I just want to let everyone know that I have set up a community just for my fanfics called BirthWrite.

Here is the link for those who are interested: {link}

It's small right now, but I'm sure it will grow in time :D

Also, I will continue "Catchers of Cosmos" in that community. I'll leave the first chapter here though. Just know that the whole story will be in BirthWrite.

Thanks for reading, guys! I'll see you in BirthWrite.

A Seriously Not-So Serious Take on TVXQ Cellphone Drama
**Disclaimer: The following content is not to be taken seriously in anyway. All material is speculation, cracktastic, and lol-worthy. You may have endure silent laughter, loud chuckles, or rib-splitting laughter. You have been warned.** 

Here's a point to be made known: Yunho said he never received contact because JYJ changed numbers. He did NOT say he never got their texts. JYJ said that they believed that Yunho and Changmin changed their numbers since they could not get in contact with them. Think about this...

We all know there is an obvious misunderstanding here. Both sides feel like one did not make an effort to contact the other.

Here is my HYPOTHESIS: All 5 guys changed their numbers. For what reason? God only knows. Changed numbers WITHOUT the others knowing. Hmm...

I might take that back. JYJ changed numbers. HoMin did not. JYJ had to have changed the numbers because otherwise Jae's text did not reach Yunho. On the other hand, HoMin could have changed as well, which could be another reason why Jae's texts are not getting through. 

(LOL I can see it now! Jae is texting Yunho's original phone and the new owner is like "who the heck is this?")

Look! It makes sense: when the whole fiasco breaks out, to save the unnecessary calls from nosy peeps, they change numbers.

The guys said that they would let the other know when their number changes. Unfortunately, this never happens. So then more crap goes down, leading to our present situation where the guys are pretty much like "FML I hatchu!"

However, in the midst of this, the guys were genuinely trying to reach out to each other, but they can't b/c *GASP* numbers are not the same! You would think the guys have thought "oh wow~maybe they changed phones already" or "something's not right. something changed." However, the guys do not think it through and wind up getting butthurt. Now, we are in the present.

Question #1: Do the guys have email?
Answer: I have no idea. However, if they have access to the internet, an email address is possibly somewhere nearby. Just saying.

Question #2: If the guys did not have email, why not create one?
Answer #2: Busy. Not enough time. Alternate universe. Too stupid. I go for the latter.

Question #3: Why didn't Yunho and Changmin not make Twitter accounts to communicate back?
Answer:  Possible choices are that (1) they have secret twitter accounts or (2) their mere presence would implode Twitterverse. Oh, and one of my friends said the interactions would have caused a scandal. Good point. I also would like to think that they have a fear of Twitter. A sad but possible thing. Also...they're guys. Idiots.

Question #4: Why didn't they just send snail mail if they were THAT desperate to get in contact with each other?
Answer: Now I have both a serious and comical answer. (1) The mail would have been c***blocked by SM/gotten lost/not at home/no time. (2) These guys are the same age as some of us. Which of you guys still write letters to your friends in the same neighborhood as you? Cmon now~

Question #5: Why not use a third party?
Answer: Jae said he tried that. He said it didn't work out? You know why? ...You guys ever play the Telephone Game? One person says a message, the next person passes that message down...then the next...then the next...then the next. Well...the message will most likely change by the time it gets to the last person. Too risky. All in all...bad move to use third party.

Just to review, we have discussed possible reasons of no contact between the guys pretty much (both in serious and comical fashion).

I said all this to prove my final conclusion...

Thus, my long-winded hypothesis on this whole ordeal has come to a close. This has been a dissertation by Professor Genie. I am here all week.

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Stalkers Called Caterpillars: Part 2

For those who have not read the "Stalkers Called Caterpillars" post, you might go, "What the heck? Caterpillars that stalk people? O_O"  Yes, you heard me right.  There are such things as caterpillars who stalk people, people including me.  Why caterpillars stalk me remains a mystery to even to me.  I remember the day when it all started....

I was sitting on my swing outside one fine summer day.  As a simple little 10-year-old girl, I had no other thought on my mind but to spend my day in the least until lunchtime ^^ And what better way to spend your day outside in the sun than sitting in your favorite swing in the backyard, right? hehe.

Well, as I was sitting on my swing, I noticed something odd on the slide next to me.  Reluctantly, I got off my swing and proceeded to investigate the slide.  As I got closer, I finally saw the odd thing on the slide: a little caterpillar.  I remember it distinctly; it was greenish-brown and had a lot of black specks on it.  It had a little hair on it, not much at all.

Now, I am no fan of bugs at all, but the caterpillar surprisingly didn't creep me out.  It looked friendly enough. I guess the caterpillar didn't mind me too much either, since it gazed back at me and did a little wiggle dance.  I just laughed at the little caterpillar. "Haha! You're a cute little guy...or girl...whatever you are. Sorry for not greeting you properly. I'm Genesis. Nice to meet you!"  The caterpillar just wiggled some more. 

I realized how high off the ground it was then.  In my mind, I figured it wanted to be back on the ground.  Caterpillars shouldn't be in a dangerous place like a slide, right? Therefore, I went to get a leaf to help the caterpillar down onto the ground.  When I offered the leaf to the caterpillar, he easily crawled onto the leaf and sat there.  "That wasn't too hard. Now...where's your home?"  Then, I came up with a brilliant idea: put him/her next to some flowers! Caterpillars like flowers ^^

Thus, I walked to the frontyard area and put the caterpillar and the leaf next to some flowers next to the mailbox.  I just watched the caterpillar's reactions for a little while. It sat there for a moment as if it was confused or something.  Why would it be confused? I thought caterpillars liked flowers.  I scrunched up my face.  Then, I mentally facepalmed myself. "Gosh, Genesis, of course! Why would the caterpillar crawl all the way from the frontyard to the backyard? For all you know, it's home is in the backyard." (Note: I talked to myself sometimes, but I promise I'm not crazy XD)

I picked up the leaf with the caterpillar still on it and walked back to the backyard. Where would this caterpillar's home be? It couldn't be on the slide.  Caterpillar's shouldn't be on slides. I looked down at the caterpillar for some inspiration.  It seemed to have read my mind because it did a curling motion as if it was pointing at something.  I raised my eyebrows and looked at the direction it was pointing, which was toward the trees.

The lightbulb came on!  Of course! No wonder it was in a high place.  It must be getting ready to become a butterfly! :D Cocoons usually hang in high places anyway, so it must have been trying to find a place to start making a cocoon.  I started to head to the trees, but I stopped when my mother's voice rang through my head: "Genesis, don't go in those trees. You don't know what's in there." 

Now, I have always been the obedient little girl.  I wouldn't go in the trees. ^^ didn't say anything about going "near" the trees.... 8D

With the caterpillar still perched on the leaf I was carrying, I made my way to the trees near our backyard.  The trees had to to be my heigh times 20  of the least.  I gulped at the height of the giants, wondering how in the world would the caterpillar get all the way to the top. Then again, it DID crawl towards the top of my slide, which was amazing in my book.  "You must be pretty strong to get that high. Aren't you afraid?" It just wiggled a  little. Aish! I'm talking to a caterpillar.  What's wrong with me? -___-

I walked up to one of the trees and held the leaf out the tree so the caterpillar could crawl onto the tree.  At first, it didn't do anything.  Did I pick the right tree?  Is it scared?  After a few moments of the caterpillar's not doing anything, I moved onto to another tree.


Went to another tree.


Went to another tree.

Still nothing.

"Grrr! Listen! I'm risking a whopping, coming over here to the trees like mom told me not to, so you need to make up your mind."

The caterpillar just tilted it's head up at me as if it understood me. I gave a deep sigh.  "Why are you so picky?"  The caterpillar turned its head to the trees and just remained still.  Now what was it doing?

"Hey! Don't ignore me!" I looked back at the trees, and I saw something really cool...

On one of the trees, there were cocoons EVERYWHERE! It looked like a caterpillar/butterfly breeding ground.  xD  "Oooh~no wonder you didn't like the other trees.  You want that one, right?" The caterpillar just remained still, but its head was definitely looking in the direction of that tree.  "Cool! You'll get to be with your friends and family!"  I walked over to the tree with the cocoons on it.  Yep, there were a bunch of them.  Some of them looked like the caterpillars had already transformed and flew out the cocoon...

"Alright! Here's our stop." I held the leaf to the tree.  Unlike all the other times before, the caterpillar started crawling from the leaf to the tree.  Success! 8D

After it detached itself completely from the leaf, I lowered the leaf and just looked at the caterpillar.

The caterpillar just looked at me.

" was nice meeting you. Hope you have a healthy nap...if you do sleep in that cocoon...and turn into a pretty butterfly! :D Bye!"

The caterpillar then started to trek up the tree towards one of the limbs. In turn, I turned around and walked back to the house before my mom found me there.  She would start freaking out, and I didn't want mom freaking out.

Ok...some people must be thinking, "Errr....where was the stalking?"

Well...the stalking didn't start at that time, but the stalking started after that time.  This is just the background story to it all xD lol!  Next time, I will write a post about the stalking caterpillars ;D haha!

Till then, I hope you enjoyed this...odd...reading xD Peace!

Stalkers Called Caterpillars
Well, Livejournal Fam, I have a story to tell you tonight.

Just to start off, I have a long history with caterpillars who have stalked me....

...Yes, you heard me correctly.  Caterpillars stalk ME.  I don't know what is about me that they love so much, but apparently, they can't get enough of me.  Case in point....

As I am spazzing on OneTVXQ forums with the rest of the Winifriers, I get a little thirsty. Great thing that I got my glass of water on the table next to me, right?  I reach for the glass of water to quinch my thirst, and I look over...

and I see....


Not tiny. Not average. Not even big. But HUGE, man! And it was just chilling right next to my glass of water.  I'm looking at it; It;s looking at me like "What's up, Genie *gang sign*" and I finally scream my head off and run.

I went to get my mom, and I decided to take the caterpillar outside. In order my genius plan to work, I was going to use a paper plate for him to CRAWL on. Make note of the word "crawl."

Well, my mom decides to use a piece of paper to push the caterpillar to CRAWL unto the paper plate.

How soon as I put the paper plate under the caterpillar for him to CRAWL on...that little homie decides he is going to JUMP!

Now...when I say JUMP, I mean he found his inner bunny and JUMPED unto the paper plate....towards my HAND!  When he jumped, mom and I screamed so loud.  We were scared half to death!

Finally, after regaining my senses, I push the caterpillar unto the paper plate again and took him outside.

I don't care what anyone else says: That caterpillar had the intent to violate me, just like the caterpillars that have tried to seduce/violate me in the past.  (I'll write about those encounters later >_>)

To all the caterpillars out there: I don't know if you have noticed, but I'm a HUMAN! Human + Caterpillar is not a very good combination.  I'm sure there are plenty of other caterpillars out there to direct your affection to.  So please...PLEASE quit stalking me! >D

One of Those Days - TVXQ Picture Story #2

Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to do this?


Okay...not do THAT!  ^^;;  I mean THIS....

Yes, that.  That is how I feel today. 

Worn out.
Not giving a rat's booty.

I'm sure that is probably how Jaejoong felt at that press conference that day too.  Look at him!  You can't even see his handsome face; it's absorbed into the table (lucky table >.>)

I assumed the same position during my quiz today.  The teacher gave me a "-_-" look, but I didn't care.  I worked my butt off this school semester; I deserve to put my head down for a few minutes, especially since I haven't been feeling my best these days.

However, even when you get tired and worn out from life's events, you have to keep going in this fast-paced world.  T_T  However, that should not stop you from putting your head down.

Therefore, to all the ones who don't feel like moving forward anymore...

I commerate this poem to you, and I call this poem...Head Down, Screw Off. *ahem*

Please, my head is down
I have a reason to frown
So please, get off my case
Screw off and give me my space
The sunshine hurts my eyes
My body just wants to lie
Down in a comfy bed
Not be out here instead
Excuse my tactless manner
My blunt attitude; it's just the matter
Of wanting some peace and quiet
So please, hush, cease, silence!
I will arise and walk again in five
However, until that fateful time
I am officially off
With head down, so screw off

.....LOL!!!!  XD

Unfair Circumstances - TVXQ Picture Story #1
Why is that I feel that the situation in this picture is a little unfair?

Everyone is pointing their gun at Yoochun!  What the heck?  Is it because he's a pimpin' mobster?  Jeez, bunch of haters!  >.<  LOL!

Oh, wait!  Junsu's not pointing his gun at Yoochun!  Awww ain't that sweet ^^  However, why am I not surprised Junsu would point the gun at Changmin?  Makes so much sense XD hahahaha!

Anyway, here's a challenge for you livejournal TVXQ fans :D  Come up with a prediction for why the guys are in this situation.  Simple enough, right?  ^^ hehe

I look forward to your responses!  :D  Have fun, peeps~~~

Sealing Our Love with a Song Dedication to TVXQ

At the moment, I have taken up the responsibility of advertising a wonderful project for all TVXQ fans out there.  Please follow me.  ^^

The project is called Sealing Our Love with a Song Dedication to TVXQ.  Anyone can participate, so don't feel like you would be left out of this project.  I think this activity is great because you get the chance to write a shoutout to TVXQ and fellow Cassies in a creative and fun way.  If you want more information on the project, just go here --->>>

I encourage everyone to participate, especially you guys who love to write (like me :D)!  So...go have fun, everyone!  ^-^  Always Keep the Faith!  *pumps fist in the air*



Time slows down for nobody. Time doesn't even slow down for itself. Time is always moving forward. Time never goes backward. Time is constant, yet time is always changing. Time's hands can never stop. Time can hurt. Time can heal. Times can be happy. Times can be sad. Times like this one can be hard for everyone. Times will get due time. Time to love. Time to hope. Time to be free. Time for you guys to start a new day. Time for someone to send you guys much needed love...someone like me. You are loved...even this time. You are loved...all the time. Don't give up...not this time.

Copyrights belong to Genie; please do not take out without permission

Hello...finally XD
...Yeah, you get the drift!  XD

Hello, fellow writers and readers!  :)  lol!

I am called many things, but for the sake of less confusion, you all may call me Genie ^^  hehe

I am new to this whole "online blogging" thing, so I thank you all in advanced for your patience XD lol!

Anyway, I just wanted to give a more formal introduction of myself before I kept posting random posts.  :P  If you want to take a look at what I have written so far, you can click on my "Wishes Accomplished" and view a list of my ramblings.  XD

If you want to learn a little more about me, just ask.  I don't bite.  Do you want to see certain types of writing (poetry, short stories, songs, etc)?  Let me know, and I will see if I can make the wish come true ;)  haha!

I hope this post is a proper introduction.  Thanks for reading, and I look forward to this new adventure called blogging with the rest of you peeps out there.  :D

Ja ne! ^^v

Writer's Block: My favorite T
Do certain items of clothing remind you of people or events from your past? If so, what garment reminds you of a particularly happy memory?

I was rummaging through my closet one day, trying to figure out what clothes I should keep in my closet or which clothes to put in the basement, and I came across one of khaki cargo pants from WAY back in the day.  The moment I looked at the pants, I hopped into my little time machine and went back to my middle school years...

It was a normal day at my youth church.  Hang with my friends before service.  Go to service.  Eat in the cafeteria after service.  Nothing out the ordinary.

Well, it was ordinary, until my friends decided to try some mischief.

The cooks that evening served pizza to everyone (which was pretty darn good) that night.  I remember walking up to the counter, practically drooling because I was STARVING.  However, during this time, my friend's plotting at the table behind me went without my notice (hey, I was hungry little teenaged girl! I had more pressing matters at hand), so what happened next threw me for a loop. 

I remember it all in slow motion.

I turn around with the biggest grin on my face, relieved to know that my stomach would soon be filled with the delicious pepperoni pizza that was steaming from my plate.  I walk with a happy stride to the table, where my three friends awaited.  Two of them looked at me with calm expressions.  Too calm.  However, their seemingly innocent faces did not deter me from my immediate goal: to sit down and enjoy God's gift called food. 

God has a sense of humor.

I eagerly walk around to the side to an empty space next to the third friend, and I become more excited knowing that I am closer to obtaining my goal.  Then...

I trip!


Now...realize that I am now on the floor.  I don't care about that.
Realize that my friend's foot was sticking out from under the table.  I don't care about that.
Realize that a few giggles had rang out throughout the minature cafeteria.  I don't care about that.
What I did care about was...

"Where's the pizza???"

The answer came to me through a squishy noise under my leg. can't be, I thought.
But it was.  My precious pepperoni goodness was not smushed under the weight of my leg.
I received further evidence when I got up and looked down at the fallen pizza.

What a waste.

I stopped paying my respects to the poor pizza when I heard loud laughter from my three friends.  I snapped my head in their direction, practically fuming from the ears.  I opened my mouth to say something (I don't remember what it was, but it probably wouldn't have been something Jesus would say), but one of the laughing hyenas pointed at my leg.

I slowly looked down and saw an interesting sight.

Marinera sauce, cheese, tiny crumbs of crust, and a piece of pepperoni -  all these things were smeared on my pair of (guess...yep, you're right!) khaki cargo pants.

I just stared.
Laughed some more.
And proceeded to punish my friends for their wicked ways (that's another story).

Anyway, yes, there goes my tale of the khaki cargo pants.  Funny how a simple pair of pants made me smile at a memory several years ago.

I decided to keep it in my closet.  :)


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